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Seattle's Golden Gardens Park

Read up on the CEO's favorite Seattle spots, TV shows and more

Marketing leader for tech-driven freight company enjoys watching ‘creative storytelling unfold’

KAVU CEO Barry Barr

"I love to watch the sunsets at Sunset Hill Park. On a clear day with the sun setting over the Olympics, it’s empowering."

Skanska's executive vice president hunts through record stores with his son.

"Teaching wasn’t something I had expected to get involved with, but the process of planning a course, working with students and seeing the results with their project work is incredibly rewarding."

"I grew up in a family of politicians and there was hope that I would follow in the family footsteps."

"I'm a big believer in not waiting for tomorrow."

"We have the unique ability as educators to positively impact the lives of children and help them make a positive contribution in the world."

Brown leads the Snoqualmie-based company and is a big fan of the Snoqualmie Ridge area

Sip & Ship is a coffeehouse inside a mailbox store, with a gift boutique tucked inside