Ivars is at it Again, This Time with Drone Delivery

Its April Fools Day, and Ivars Inc. is having some fun

April 1, 2019By Rob Smith


One year came the news that Ivars Inc. had discovered that founder Ivar Haglund had installed underwater billboards off Alki Beach to advertise clam chowder. Another year the seafood chain announced that it had developed a clam chowder vending machine.

In both cases, local media picked up the stories thinking they were true.

The Seattle-based seafood chain has become infamous for its pranks, and this year is no exception. Ivars has announced a plan to deliver clam chowder via seagull-shaped drones and is seeking willing customers to beta-test delivery.

The company has a long history of mischief dating back to at least 1940, according to its website. Recent notable spoofs included plans for marijuana-infused chowder that lit up excited servers, 3D printed chowder served fresh off the press, and instant chowder that could be purchased in small packets and mixed into a chowder tumbler with hot water.

Todays April Fool’s announcement calls attention to a new iVar drone that can confirm a customers identity based on facial recognition. The device is voiced by an AI-enhanced Ivar Haglund, who died in 1985. While waiting for delivery, customers can listen to a full catalog of Ivars classic folk ditties and sea shanties.

The restaurant chain, which launched on Seattles waterfront in 1938, operates 21 fast-casual seafood bars, three full-service waterfront-view restaurants and stadium concessions in T-Mobile Park, CenturyLink and Cheney Stadium.