A Culture of "We": Why Employees Love Working at Logic20/20

The consulting company makes the list—again—of WA's 100 Best Companies to Work For
Updated: Tue, 08/22/2017 - 15:23

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This article is part of a series focusing on select companies who placed among WA's 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2017, as determined by employee surveys that measure their perceptions and satisfaction across 61 individual attributes within 10 employment categories. 

Logic20/20’s vision is clear: The company applies a methodical and structured approach to designing simple solutions for intricate challenges. Through advanced analytics, digital transformation, delivery leadership and managed services, the Seattle-based consulting firm helps companies enhance sales performance, better understand their customers, improve efficiencies and increase the speed from innovation to market. 

Logic20/20 was named to Inc. magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies, and its employees call it a “market leader” and “innovative.” One employee appreciates that team members “have the flexibility to apply skills in new ways that are not cookie cutter and provides the ability to incorporate leading rather than lagging practices in the marketplace.”

Another notes that employees “have a great commitment to getting work done, doing great work and do a tremendous job of accomplishing that.”

Culture of “We”

Logic20/20’s corporate culture—described as a “culture of we”—gets high marks from its employees. The firm is a workplace “where every single person is valued and recognized as contributors toward making this one of the best places to work and do business with,” according to one employee. Other employees tout its “collegial atmosphere,” “relaxed environment,” and “work-life balance.”

Last year, Logic20/20 celebrated its 10th anniversary by moving into new digs in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood. Its new headquarters boasts an open-office environment and has multiple areas for collaboration with couches and whiteboard walls (“And don’t forget the foosball table,” says one employee). The kitchen is stocked with communal food and multiple coffee options, and there’s even a team scrabble game board set up for a little friendly competition among departments. 

“As a company we have monthly happy hours to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries and a bunch of social events like going to Mariners games, the Seattle Pinball Museum and Blue Ribbon Cooking School,” says one team member. Logic also sponsors employee-organized sports teams, an activity that many employees enjoy.

“It’s such an awesome environment during summer with Safeco Field, and the energy in around the SODO area.  We have awesome snacks and events in the office all the time, and the candy trains at Christmas are absolutely awesome.  Where else can you come to work with cool people and also bump into Seahawks players in and around the King 5 studios?” adds another.

Promoting—and Mentoring—from Within

Logic20/20 career managers are assigned employees to mentor, with each manager taking approximately five team members under their wings. It’s an effort that not only helps to acclimate new employees to the business, but also helps them grow as professionals. “This mentoring program helped me hit the ground running and get a promotion within the first year at the company,” notes one rising star.

Team members also explain that they feel empowered in their roles at Logic20/20 thanks to the leadership’s emphasis on providing opportunities for career advancement. “I feel like I can drive my career at this company, and I can try to influence which projects I work on by leveraging and/or otherwise working to obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to do so. I feel that this is possible for everyone in the company, as well, so it is the company culture that enables this.” Says another: “I own my work and get to work on interesting and challenging projects.”

In addition, the company takes steps to recognize team members for their achievements—recognition that is given by their own peers. “Our internal, employee-driven awards system sets us apart," comments an employee. "Based on employee nominations and not governed by management, the company recognizes outstanding performers with tangible rewards, as well as public accolades."

Birthday Cards and Baby Presents

While logic might take center stage when it comes to business matters and consulting solutions, it’s the emotional support from colleagues that team members value. “Everyone at Logic really cares. They are dedicated and passionate and diligent people. We have great leadership, authentic and fun loving and caring, and I feel strongly that hard work is rewarded,” says one employee.

And that caring touches employees’ personal lives, as well. “On my birthday I received a post card signed from the CEO, SVP, HR Director and the director of my project. This is a very nice touch and I haven't seen anything like this in any other company I worked for. Also, I had a baby three months ago, and my company sent a basket full of baby products three days after I was at home! I'm so proud of working at Logic and with those incredible people,” says one new parent working at Logic20/20.

The genuine relationships and team spirit that are formed in the office cannot be overstated, insist employees. Coworkers don’t hesitate to lend a hand on a project, and many noted that their colleagues are like family, while others stated how much they admired their peers. 

“’You become like the people you hang out with’ was my dad's best advice. I want to be like the people I work with. That speaks volumes about the company culture,” writes one employee. Adds another, “The people in my company really care about us as individuals--that applies to both my peers and leadership. Have a problem in your personal life? The Logic family is there for you. They will do everything they can to support us at every turn.”

It’s that authentic camaraderie that prompted one employee to note, “Our office is special because there is an organic aura of collaboration that flows across the organization. No matter what someone is working on, if they overhear some brainstorming on a topic that they can help out with, they will gladly reach out and provide support or guidance.”

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