12 HQ2 Numbers that Made Every North American City Hyperventilate

To the victor go these spoils in the competition for Amazon's second headquarters.

When Amazon announced in September that it would like to clone its Seattle headquarters complex in another North American city, creating what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos calls “HQ2,” every mayor and economic development director in metro areas with populations of at least 1 million started hyperventilating.

Here’s what Amazon says a new headquarters city could look forward to, based on Amazon’s impact in Seattle from 2010 through 2016.

40,000+: Amazon employees

33: Number of new buildings

32: Restaurants, cafés and other services in Amazon buildings

8.1M: Square feet of office space

$3.7B: Capital investment (buildings and infrastructure)

$1.4B: Operational expenditures (utilities and maintenance)

233,000: Hotel nights by visiting Amazonians and guests (2016 only)

$43M: Amount paid into city’s public transportation system

53,000: Additional jobs created by direct Amazon investment

$38B: Additional indirect investment in the local economy

$17B: Increase in personal income of non-Amazon employees

24: Rise in number of Seattle-based Fortune 500 firms with R&D centers. (From 7 to 31, 2010–2017)

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