Bright Idea

Fucshia is expanding opportunities for sole artisans

Persona CEO Jason Brown is banking on a powerful algorithm to propel the dietary-supplements company forward.

The company taps technology to bring vitamins to the masses

98point6 aims to become the Amazon of health care

Founder of Lubn, YC Chung in Seattle

Lubn’s intelligent lockbox won a major award at the Consumer Electronics Show

UW Membrion Inc.'s flexible ceramic membranes

UW spinout Membrion's technology seeks to solve fresh-water and energy issues.

VR developers receive space to work and in turn get a chance to 'play test' their products.

"It takes about 30 plastic water bottles to create one hand."

The local startup tracks data going in and out of a company.

Startup encourages markets for green energy, matching buyers with sellers.

Artists Celeste Cooning, Markel Uriu, Henry Luke and Clyde Peterson have already been part of the program