Letters to the Editor


I’m an avid reader of Seattle Business magazine and enjoyed Washington CEO as well. As a 1973 graduate of the University of Washington, I couldn’t have been more pleased to read your Editor’s Note in the June issue in support of interim UW President Ana Mari Cauce for the permanent position. Applause on the commentary and for hitting on all the appropriate points. Thanks!
William Leak

I would like to start out by thanking everybody at Seattle Business magazine for putting on such a wonderful event. The vibe at the 2015 Washington Manufacturing Awards in April was just right and the crowd lively and pleasant. Oh, and the food was great! 

Really, though, it was such an honor to be acknowledged for something we work so hard for. Public opinion may be that the consideration of others as it relates to one’s reputation does not really matter as long as you know that what your business is doing is exemplary in your eyes. In reality, the truth couldn’t be further from that sentiment, especially as it relates to our industry. In contrast to the other companies present at the event, we were the small guys. There are only 12 employees in our company. Winning an award like this [in the category of Manufacturing Services] is what gives substance to the notion that a small company really can have a big impact on a huge industry like the manufacturing sector in our beautiful state of Washington. Such a prestigious award would not be possible without the manufacturers that not only keep our state running and its people employed but help the many different industries they manufacture parts for. After all, where would the aerospace industry be without all of the manufacturers in our state alone? 

I would like to reiterate our deep appreciation for the recognition and for allowing us to be part of what has become an esteemed yearly tradition of which we hope to be part year in and year out. A big Morley thank you to Seattle Business and all those who made this event possible!
Gene Moomey 
General Manager, Morley Machine Tool Alignment

Thank you for hosting the 2015 Washington Manufacturing Awards. It was an honor to win Manufacturer of the Year among small firms. To be selected out of all the other nominees who are world-class companies was not expected and we are humbled by this. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated and to those who received awards. Thank you to [Assistant Publisher] Michael Romoser for putting on such a great event.
Jay Taylor
General Manager, Torklift International
Jack Kay
President, Torklift International

In the feature story on cross-laminated timber (CLT) in the June issue, we reported that Seattle architect Susan Jones said that building her new home with CLT cost twice as much as it would have had she used traditional materials. In fact, it was the framing of the house that cost twice as much, not the entire construction.

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