Leadership Style: Karl Triebes


WARDROBE STAPLES: On any given day, I meet with a variety of people, including customers, partners, other executives at F5 and our development team. While keeping those different audiences in mind, my clothing choices are classic with a modern twist, tailored and comfortable. If I’m in Europe, I’ll wear a contemporary suit. In Seattle, I normally wear a slim-fit button-up shirt, designer jeans and black leather loafers.

FAVORITE SHOPPING STOPS: I don’t have a lot of time to shop, so I buy most of my clothing at Nordstrom and online. Nordstrom’s customer service is excellent, as is their tailoring service, and the convenience of shopping online is tough to beat.

FASHION STYLE IN THREE WORDS: Contemporary, tailored, comfortable.

LEADERSHIP STYLE IN THREE WORDS: Approachable, collaborative, focused.

WHAT HIS FASHION SENSE SAY ABOUT HIS MANAGEMENT APPROACH: I’m focused on building and managing a great development team that delivers world-class products with a high degree of fit and finish. My fashion style mirrors my attention to detail and my dedication to being innovative but not trendy.

Outfit credits: David Donahue windowpane-check dress shirt from Nordstrom; AG denim jeans by Adriano Goldschmied from Nordstrom; Citizen solar-powered wristwatch from Citizen.