Getting Personal


Dr. Thomas O. Tiffany (front), CEO of PAML, has led by
example in improving the staff’s overall health. Behind him (left to right):
Noel Maring, chief marketing officer; Rosalee Allan, chief operating officer;
Kim Troyer, human resources director; and Kurt Rogers, chief financial officer.

It's not often that a large company’s CEO hangs with the
staff. But at PAML, the top executives walk their talk, especially if
that walk
happens to be the Spokane Heart Walk. Or the 7.46-mile Bloomsday Run.
Led by its CEO, Dr. Thomas O. Tiffany, Pathology Associates
Medical Laboratories, or Pac Lab as the locals and employees
affectionately call
it, has for the second year in a row stabilized its health care benefits
premiums for employees. PAML continues to invest in and encourage
employees to
stay and grow.

First Place

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One way the company does this is through two tuition
reimbursement programs in which it pays back employees 50 percent of
tuition. On top of the tuition reimbursement, the company’s Continuing
Education Department pays for onsite training in leadership, process
improvement, crucial conversations and supervisory training. For these
PAML will pay employee travel expenses, too.

And if an employee wants to do some volunteer work, PAML
will pay the employee to do it.

“PAML is an outstanding company to work for and is
continually looking for innovative ways to improve benefits,
and creative programs that are beneficial for the employees,” one
writes. “PAML has significantly reduced dependent premiums in 2010 and
has made
health insurance affordable for the employees. Exempt and non-exempt
salary adjustments
were given January 1, 2010.”

There are many ways for employees to be compensated for
their time and effort.

But one standout example is the company wellness program.
This extensive, multidimensional program is filled with incentives that
keep employees happy and healthy. In initiating the program, which helps
company track and encourage the health of employees, PAML offered $75 to
of its 1,149 employees just to fill out the survey. Any employee who
then goes
for a biometric screening on campus gets $25. Mammogram? Another $25.
Completing an online Health Risk Assessment survey? Another $50.

But if a company is going to do all this, then its leader
has to set the example—precisely what Tiffany does. Overweight and
with type 2 diabetes, Tiffany led the company in its involvement in
Bloomsday foot race in which the company contributes 50 percent of the
registration cost for each participating employee. PAML even supported
Corporate Cup teams last year.

Tiffany leads the company’s onsite walking program and is
this year’s chair of the Spokane Heart Walk, a year-round event
featuring more
than 144 employees and culminating in a group walk in May. Last year,
shed more than 60 pounds. Human resources confirms that in 2010, he’s
kept the
weight off.

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