The 2015 Tech Impact Awards: Marketing / Analytics



Location: Seattle | Employees: 291

Tune’s analytics services may be complex, but its aim is simple: to help mobile app marketers spend their limited dollars most effectively. In the increasingly diverse ecosystem of mobile apps, CEO Peter Hamilton explains, Tune operates as a central connector across marketing and advertising, simplifying the process to acquire, engage and retain users.

Founded in 2009 as HasOffers by twin brothers Lucas and Lee Brown, the original service helped marketers create their own advertising networks to maximize ad space for their products. Under its new name, Tune’s offerings also include TUNE Marketing Console, which combines measurement of paid advertising with other strategic marketing efforts on mobile apps. To make this possible, TUNE acquired three companies including Seattle-based MobileDevHQ and Philadelphia-based Artisan.

Although game makers remain Tune’s driving clients, Wong says, retailers are coming on board fast as they seek to leverage mobile platforms in their marketing mix. Those trends have helped Tune’s revenues more than double each year, and propelled it to a position as one of the world’s top mobile analytics companies. 


Location: Seattle | Employees: 70

Data is money, according to Wall Street, and Context Relevant’s “big data” analytics aid financial firms with fraud detection, risk exposure, APT detection and automated hedge calculation. By transforming tasks that once required groups of data scientists, the company helps to bring down the costs of analysis and helps cybersecurity teams detect and fight malicious threats. Encouraged by demand, the 2-year-old company also eyes expanding into markets for government and health care. 

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