The 2014 Family Business Awards: Growth Award



Aegis Living


The operator of retirement, assisted-living and Alzheimer’s-care facilities is a relative newcomer; it was founded in 1997. But Aegis Living has grown rapidly to 30 communities in three states — Washington, Nevada and California — with five more sites planned in the next three years. Aegis attributes its growth and success to innovation, such as an electronic medical records system in which caregivers can get all information on medicines and even patients’ photos on Surface tablets, or specially designed rooms to deliver lighting, color, sound, music and scent stimuli to provide a calming environment for the residents. Founder and CEO Dwayne Clark says family members are always welcome to work at Aegis — as long as they’re the best candidates and as long as they learn the job, the company and the nature of the work from the ground up. Fourteen family members, representing three generations, are currently involved in the business. 

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