Betting site Bovada has a cluster of five cities with the best odds to land Amazon's second headquarters.

A new report says Amazon paid zero dollars despite making $5.6 billion in profits last year, and will be getting a tax cut to the Trump administration's new law in 2018.

A report says that Amazon has seen success with the HQ1-adjacent store, and more stores could soon be opening in Seattle and Los Angeles.

The list of 238 bids for HQ2 has been cut down to 20.

Both are disruptive, too big to ignore and absolutely key to the future of Seattle and Washington.

Fresh off celebrating at the Golden Globes, Jeff Bezos made $1.4 billion on Monday alone.

Established brands and smaller, emerging brands are finding out what it means to endure in retail's new era.

Brands like Echo and Kindle are well-known forces, but the e-commerce giant's private label brands are exploding in popularity. Do they have an unfair advantage on