100 Best Companies to Work For Snapshot: Prime 8 Consulting

Celebrating a decade of mutual respect.

Prime 8 provides consulting services to local giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Premera and Boeing. It is powered by eight core values: client first, stewardship, best people, client value creation, integrity, fun and inclusive culture, community involvement and respect for the individual. Each person is treated like family, says CEO Drew Sharp, who founded the company 10 years ago with wife and COO Nicolette Sharp. Drew Sharp says mutual respect and individual fulfillment drive Prime 8. 

“We’re almost obsessive about ensuring people are kept fully utilized working on cutting-edge projects,” he says. In their survey responses, employees described Prime 8’s office as “friendly,” “supportive” and “caring.” Prime 8 has broadened its services over time and offers help on business strategy, marketing and technology. Challenging work, fair pay and rich benefits have kept employees on that journey, many for the full 10-year ride. 


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