100 Best Companies to Work For Snapshot: Hulu

Creating apps for fun (and profit).

Seattle represents a major tech hub for Hulu, the online streaming TV service with ad-supported free video content and subscription-based premium viewing. Hulu has just over 70 employees at Fourth and Pike in downtown Seattle. They develop Hulu apps for smartphones and other devices. Seattle’s 2015 employee count grew by 72 percent, among the fastest-growing businesses in the country. Hulu has 1,006 workers companywide. 

Employees find a collaborative workspace without walls. They also take time for board-game lunches and volunteering at nonprofits. It has a “Pacific Northwest attitude of chilled-out hard work,” one staffer wrote. Barry Steinglass, head of Hulu Seattle, says work, fun and cool tech constitute a positive mixture. Another attraction for employees: visits from Hollywood celebrities. “We host entertainment stars,” Steinglass reports. “There’s fun in that.” 

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