Washington Manufacturing Awards

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Thank you for your interest in Seattle Business Magazine’s first annual Washington Manufacturing Awards. Manufacturers play a crucial role in our state’s economy. For this reason, each year we will present awards to small (fewer than 20 employees), midsize (20-100) and large (more than 100 employees) manufacturers in each of four categories (see below). Awards will be chosen by a panel of experts based on criteria that will include revenue growth (relative to the industry), capital investments, leadership, employee training programs, production quality, productivity, energy conservation and other factors.

The categories:

  1. Manufacturing Company of the Year Award: Criteria include company performance relative to other companies in the industry, overall business strategy, manufacturing process improvements and innovations and working relationships with customers, partners and suppliers.  
  2. Manufacturing Executive of the Year Award: Awarded to the manufacturing executive who has shown excellent management leadership, contributions to the industry or manufacturing sector, and a commitment to continuous improvement in the workplace.
  3. Manufacturing Innovation of the Year Award: Awarded to a company that has introduced an important innovation in manufacturing that improves productivity, reduces waste, or increases quality. Design, implementation and performance are among criteria to be considered.
  4. Service Company of the Year Award: Based on outstanding support by a supplier, professional services firm or logistics firm to the manufacturing industry.

The deadline for entries has been extended to February 12, 2009. The winners will be announced at an awards banquet May 27 and profiled in the June 2010 issue of Seattle Business.

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