Employees of Mobile Marketing Company TUNE Sing Its Praises

Why TUNE makes the list of WA's 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2017
Updated: Thu, 07/27/2017 - 13:57

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This article is part of a series focusing on select companies who placed among WA's 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2017, as determined by employee surveys that measure their perceptions and satisfaction across 61 individual attributes within 10 employment categories. 

You could say Seattle-based company TUNE is “in tune” with what today’s employees are looking for. Seattle Business magazine recently ranked TUNE one of the area’s top 100 companies to work for, thanks to the input from the people who would know best: its employees. 

Founded in 2009 by twins Lee and Lucas Brown, TUNE delivers mobile marketing solutions that help marketers and their partners manage marketing campaigns, engage target audiences and enhance performance.

Today the company has more than 350 employees across nine global offices, including San Francisco, Tel Aviv, New York City, Tokyo and London. Among its products are TUNE Marketing Console—which allows marketers to track mobile marketing campaigns—and HasOffers software, which enables networks and advertisers to measure, analyze and optimize their affiliate marketing programs. 

Employees note that the company’s benefits package is among the best in the industry and “solidifies the culture everyone strives to maintain.” 

“TUNE offers very good health benefits, as well as the awesome start-up benefits, such as free lunch (in our own restaurant), snacks, coffee machines, etc.,” wrote one employee respondent. Another notes, “The benefits are outstanding, which really solidifies the culture everyone strives to maintain.”

But what truly sets TUNE apart from the competition, says its employees, are its people and culture. 

A Scrappy Startup No More

TUNE’s leadership strives to keep its team of problem-solvers and innovators empowered and passionate. And by all accounts it’s working. As one employee notes, “TUNE may have graduated from the ‘scrappy startup’ category that it was once squarely in, but it continues to feel like a fresh and dynamic place to work. The founders care deeply about their multifaceted vision, and laid the groundwork for a company that's fun to work for [and] staffed with intelligent and gregarious employees, where what you do can make a difference.”

Employee survey respondents used words like “fantastic” and “amazing” to describe TUNE’s leaders and emphasized their accessibility, open communication work style and community involvement. “Our leadership does their absolute best at keeping every level of the company informed on our position in the market, our values and goals, and what this means for every department,” says one employee. “Our CEO [Peter Hamilton] sends a weekly rundown email to the whole company, sharing what’s going in each office around the world, what they expect in the coming weeks and quarters, and [they have] an open-door policy.”

Co-founders Lucas Brown (left) and Lee Brown (right), with CEO Peter Hamilton

TUNE holds frequent off-site meetings, and Hamilton’s open leadership style is mirrored throughout the company. “Our All Hands (at Cinerama Theater) is a good place to hear the big picture company information. … As far as team managers, my manager is awesome at listening to our ideas, and is often open to at least trying to implement them. He is very respectful, and I feel he genuinely wants each of us to succeed,” comments one employee.

From TUNE Cares to “Geeks in the Woods” 

Praise for the team doesn’t end with TUNE’s leadership, however. “From the top down through the organization the people are just wonderful and really embody our core principles of being excellent to each other and resourceful, and learning from our mistakes to move forward,” says one employee.

To encourage that cooperative spirit, the company designed an open-office environment that enables team members to work collaboratively.

It also offers opportunities for co-workers to refresh and recharge together, including group outdoor outings, in-office yoga and sports-rehab sessions, culinary classes and monthly themed happy hours. And, once a year, the company holds its “Geeks in the Woods” multi-day gathering for technical teams to bond with, and learn from, each other through creative challenges.

“I am very pleased working at Tune. It is definitely one of my favorite places I've ever worked at. I feel very comfortable with my manager and teammates, and have a good work life balance,” says one employee. Another notes, “Over the past year, we've seen huge efforts from human resource and training teams to increase learning and development opportunities, such as leadership and manager training.” 

In addition to supporting its employees, TUNE offers opportunities for its employees to make a difference in the community in which they live and work. The company’s community service program is called TUNE Cares and supports issues such as leadership, education, the environment, diversity, and more. Through the program, employees are encouraged to share their passions, and a team of dedicated TUNErs helps identify opportunities to build awareness and engage with the community to support the causes that matter most to our employees. 

TUNE Cares experiences have included participation in community clean-ups and habitat restoration, donated time and food to the homeless, and raised funds for other organizations, including Plymouth Housing Group and Pike Place Market Foundation. 

The company also sponsors TUNE House, a scholarship program that includes free housing, professional mentors, and additional resources to support the studies of selected female students at the University of Washington who are likely to pursue a degree in technology. To further encourage diversity, the company has employee-led programs such as We Lead, an initiative to address gender diversity gaps in the industry by creating a network for employees who are committed to supporting women in technology. 

With a corporate culture that supports both the employee and the community at large, it’s easy to understand why TUNE’s team members would sing its praises so loudly.

As one employee so succinctly summed it up: “TUNE is growing quickly, not only in size, but in capability and presence in our market. Our brand is respected. Our vision is clear. Our technology is marketing kung fu. Our people are excellent and excellent to each other. As we continue to grow, evolve, and change, let's never lose those qualities that make TUNE an excellent company.”

Learn more about careers at TUNE at tune.com, and find out more about WA's 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2017.

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