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Zynga, Social Gaming Leader, Establishes Post in Seattle to Hire Talent

Zynga, which made its name with games like FarmVille, is setting up shop in Pioneer Square with plans to tap the region's gaming talent.

Check out Brier Dudley's story on Zyga's effort in Seattle.

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Microsoft helps disable notorious spammer

Rustock botnet disabled more than a million computers

Working with federal authorities, Microsoft’s digital crimes unit was able to disrupt Rustock, a notoriously complex botnet that sent billions of spam e-mails daily, GeekWire reports.

The takedown of Rustock has global implications. At its height, analysts estimate the botnet infected more than a million computers and was responsible for nearly half of all spam e-mails at the end of last year. Spam messages said recipients were lottery winners and offered deals on potentially dangerous prescription drugs.More

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State adds 11,000 jobs in January

New data suggests that the economic recovery continues to gather steam in Washington as 11,000 new jobs were created in January 2011, officials announced March 1.

The unemployment rate statewide dropped from 9.3 to 9.1 percent last month. Professional and business sectors added the greatest proportion of the new jobs with 5,600. Education and health services followed with 4,600.

Additionally, the Robert Half Professional Employment Report shows that a net 10 percent of executives in the Pacific Northwest plan to add full-time, professional-level employees during the second quarter. Nationwide that figure is 5 percent.More

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RealNetworks Trims Workforce by 130

RealNetworks Trims Workforce by 130

Seattle-based media software and services company RealNetworks announced it would lay off an additional 130 people, or 10 percent of its workforce, during the last phase of restructuring the company. The cuts will save the firm $11 million annually. The layoff is expected to include 40 workers in the Seattle area. Since CEO Bob Kimball took over in February 2010, the workforce has decreased from 1,700 to around 1,300 employees.

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Jobfully provides job training for the new unemployed

Mei Lu of Jobfully explains how the company aims to put the recently unemployed back to work.

With Washington’s unemployment hovering around 9 percent, competition for jobs is fierce. The unemployed who previously held long standing positions are finding themselves struggling to adapt to new hiring strategies, including Linkedin.com and employers who want more than just a decent looking resume. 

Jobfully.com provides strategies to help job seekers develop a brand for themselves, highlighting the qualities that employers are looking for right now.More

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Hirings and firings

ZGF Architects brings on 13; MOD Systems cuts staff

Who's hiring: ZGF Architects LLP added 13 new employees to its Seattle office, according to a press release today. The new hires bring the total office headcount to over 100.

Who's firing: TechFlash reported yesterday that MOD Systems, a Seattle-based company that has developed a solution for downloading digital entertainment to portable devices from kiosks, is cutting 35 percent of its staff. The company now employs 30 people.

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Unemployment edges up to 9.2 percent in Washington state

Job growth is not keeping pace

The unemployment rate in Washington state ticked up to 9.2 percent in November, according to preliminary data released today by the Washington State Employment Security Department. The national rate was 9.8 percent in November, up from 9.6 percent in each of the prior three months.More

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Pick-Quick hiring 50 in Auburn

Drive-in burger joint is expanding in south Puget Sound region

Pick-Quick, a family-owned burger drive-in that has been in business in Fife since 1949, is opening a second location in Auburn. The company is hiring up to 50 employees for the restaurant, according to a press release.More

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NewWood hiring 150 at new facility

Manufacturing company bringing jobs to an area hit hard by recession

NewWood Inc. CEO John Bowser says he was expecting about 200 job seekers to attend the open house at his company's new manufacturing facility in Elma, Wash., on Monday. Instead, about 800 applicants came looking for work.More

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Amazon hiring for holidays

Seattle-based company seeking temporary workers for shipping centers

The Associated Press reports that Amazon is hiring more than 15,500 temporary workers in preparation for the holiday season. The jobs will be in Amazon's shipping centers in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and Nevada. Amazon was also in the news recently for adding nearly 10,000 permanent employees since the third quarter of 2009.

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Wind energy may be hot, but can it create jobs?

Forecasts are calling for wind energy to grow, but the job market may not grow with it.

Washington has a well kept secret that most people on the West side of the mountains probably haven’t heard. If you listen closely, you just might hear it whistling past your open window. According to a study compiled by Washington State University employees, Washington has the fifth largest installed wind capacity in the United States. On top of that, the demand for wind turbines is rapidly outpacing the supply, leaving an employment vacancy that may soon be filled.More

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Clearwire cutting 15 percent of staff

Cutbacks are part of "cash conservation measures."

TechFlash reports that Kirkland-based wireless services provider Clearwire is cutting 15 percent of its staff, or about 630 jobs according to the Puget Sound Business Journal.More

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Washington has lost 5.3 percent of its jobs since the recession

Unemployment remains steady, but job growth is not catching up

Over the past several months, the unemployment rate in Washington has remained pretty flat, flagging between 8.9 and 9.0 percent. Although there have been jobs added in some areas, it hasn't been enough to compensate for the jobs lost elsewhere.More

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NewBay's Timo Bauer on hiring

Irish software company hiring aggressively for new Seattle headquarters

The forecast for hiring in the local tech sector has been good this month, with companies like Zynga moving into the area and local companies like Tableau and Impinj looking for new talent.

Now NewBay Software, a mobile software company based out of Dublin, Ireland, is planning aggressive hiring in Seattle, hoping to fill 100 positions in the next twelve months.More

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Who's hiring

Amazon shows steady growth over the past year

TechFlash posted an interesting
showing the increase in employees at Amazon over the past year. The company
has added nearly 10,000 workers since Q3 2009, not including temporary and
contract workers. The data comes from yesterday's press
on the company's Q3 2010 earnings.

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Statewide unemployment remains flat at 9.0 percent

Private sector shows modest job growth

The private sector added 1,000 jobs in September while 4,200 government jobs were lost, according to a report released yesterday by the Washington State Employment Security Department.

The statewide seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remains at 9.0 percent (the unemployment rate for August, estimated last month at 8.9, was adjusted to 9.0 this month).More

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Job hunting for college grads

Using your degree to get hired in a tough job market

Earlier this month I reported some statistics indicating that degree holders are generally weathering the recession better than those without degrees. In August, the national unemployment rate among college graduates was 4.6 percent, versus the general unemployment rate of 9.6 percent.More

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Minimum wage going up

Washington State's minimum wage will increase to $8.67 in 2011

Washington State's minimum wage will increase to $8.67 per hour beginning January 1, 2011, according to a press release issued by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries last week.More

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Tableau seeking talent

Seattle software company expects to hire 100 this year

Seattle-based Tableau Software announced in a press release this week that the company "currently has over 40 job openings and aims to hire over 100 professionals this year." The company currently has 17 Seattle openings on its job board, mostly in software engineering but also in sales.  More

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Impinj hiring 20

Tech company has 17 open positions in Seattle

More good news for tech hiring in Seattle: Xconomy reports that local company Impinj is looking to fill 20 positions. The company's job board has 17 open positions in Seattle, including software engineers, accountants, and help desk staff.More

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