January 2012/FEATURES

If Washington state were hosting a real world’s fair this year instead of commemorating one, what would it look like?
By: Bill Virgin
Was the future a lot more fun in the past? To judge by the vision of the future at the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, whose 50th anniversary we commemorate this year, you might think so. The Space Needle! The monorail! Computers...




Local firm adapts visa program to entice foreign nationals to invest in SR 520 project.
The bad news: We’re not out of the woods yet. The good news: Thanks to Boeing, we’re in better shape than the rest of the country.

Retail & Services


A leader’s tool kit in the new economy should include the ability to adapt nimbly to shifting workplace scenarios.
That old saw about one-third of Washington jobs being linked to import/export business is outdated.
Now is not the time for washington state to scale back on providing a decent living wage.
Don’t count on today’s prominent pillars of corporate dominance being here 50 years from now.

Health Care

The Institute hopes that by focusing on King County it can better demonstrate the link between health and economics.


Kirkland-based Inrix is emerging as the preeminent collector, distributor and predictor of traffic information.


Events this year could send reforms back to the drawing board again.
The leading lawyers in the Puget Sound region for 2012, as determined by their peers.

Retail & Services

Entrepreneurs think inside the box, bringing groceries to underserved areas via repurposed metal shipping containers.

Made in Washington

Elimination of Washington’s film-incentive program likely to affect jobs and tourism


Leroy Hood helped revolutionize genomics when he co-invented the automated DNA sequencer. In 1992, he came to Seattle to establish the University of Washington’s Department of Molecular Biotechnology. Now, as founder of the Institute for Systems Biology, he is on a mission to revolutionize health care with an approach he calls P4 Medicine: predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory.

Made in Washington

If Washington state were hosting a real world’s fair this year instead of commemorating one, what would it look like?


Seattle Business asked executives and civic leaders for bold ideas on how to create jobs in Washington state. Their responses are presented here.

Executive Life & Style

The craft distillery boom has made Washington fertile ground for sipping magnates.
An American visionary’s contemporary bent.
A tavern for foodies brightens Bellevue’s culinary landscape.
Play time for speed freaks.
Feel like playing Pebble Beach today? It’s closer than you think.