February 2013/FEATURES

A celebration of leadership at its finest
By: M. Sharon Baker, Leslie Helm, Sarah Hardy and Gianni Truzzi
Executive excellence is about good leadership and great execution. It’s about inspiring employees to put their best efforts into their work, whether they’re creating something completely new or serving customers in the best...




High gasoline prices make propane and natural gas attractive alternatives for fleet operators.


Knowing the difference between the two is crucial.
It seems as if it’s always election season, but ignoring the next one isn’t a good idea.
These are the behaviors that define successful leaders
Changes at the intersection of design and business
Adding commercial traffic to Snohomish County’s airport makes sense.


Thin, lightweight antenna delivers broadband internet on the go, anywhere in the world.

Retail & Services

McSology has a big crush on bartending accoutrements.
Port of Seattle gives millions in incentives to keep Hanjin from decamping to Tacoma.
Nation’s largest retailer is one of Washington agriculture’s biggest customers.
In the world of co-ops, Seattle is a rock star.


It’s the problem that won’t go away: how to fill the state’s ‘two-billionish’ revenue gap.


A celebration of leadership at its finest
Chairman & CEO, Expeditors International
President & CEO, Fisher Communications
Chairman & CEO, Concur Technologies
Executive director, King County Sexual Assault Resource Center
Chief administrative officer, Child Care Resources of King County
Executive vice president and general counsel, F5 Networks
Vice president and general counsel, Esterline Corporation


The president and CEO of Darigold on the complexities of running a cooperative that produces a highly perishable product.

Executive Life & Style

Sometimes, you just need a plate of pasta.
Leadership expert Chris Lowney to appear at Seattle U.