April 2011

From this Issue

How Alaska Air charted a course through turbulent skies to become an industry leader.

The changing future for planned communities.

Washington's residential construction market is inching back.

State struggles to fund retiree benefits.

Fred Brown, a calf roper turned entrepreneur, founded Spokane-based Next IT, a leader in using technology to provide “virtual assistants,” computer software that provides human-like interactions to “staff” telephone support systems for such customers as Aetna, Alaska Airlines and the U.S. Army.

Since 1990, Washington’s population has grown faster than the rest of the country’s.

Developer thinks the time is right for a multiuse development in Vancouver, Wash.

Harbor Wing casts off with an unmanned, wind-powered vessel.

Everyone loves the idea of recycling, so why are we sending tons of plastic to China?

As housing recovers, prefab homes could set off a new, green wave of home construction.

Wood Stone, manufacturer of stone-fired cooking equipment, finds the right recipe in Bellingham.

Lee & Hayes pursues patents at the intersection of business, law and technology.

It’s time to bring real tax increment financing to Washington.

Ante up a little extra and you’ll always find yourself at the head of the line.

Leverage the world to grow your business.

Three brand strategies that work.

The 100-year-old Port of Seattle needs to decide the role it will play in the new global economic scheme.