High-Integrity Leadership and FlapJack Fridays: What Nintex Employees Love About This PNW Company with Australian Roots

Why Nintex is the 6th-ranked Best Midsize Company in WA to Work For

This article is part of a series focusing on select companies who placed among WA's 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2017, a distinction based entirely on employee surveys that measure perceptions and satisfaction of employees across 61 individual attributes within 10 employment categories. Learn more about the awards here.

 “Work inspired.”

That’s one of the mottos of Bellevue-based Nintex, which makes workflow automation software for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, and it’s clearly a sentiment they practice as well as preach: the company was recently ranked the 6th Best Midsize Company in WA state to work for by its own employees.

Australian Culture in a Pacific Northwest Company

Nintex was founded in Australia over a decade ago and has offices in Australia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, California, Singapore, Japan and UK, and currently has over 5,000 customers in 90 countries. In 2013, they relocated their headquarters to Bellevue, WA, where they have 130 employees.

“Although we are now HQ'd in the US, we still have a very ‘Australian’ culture where people are not looking for the individual spotlight,” commented one employee. “Rather, they are looking for collective success, which means that there are very few territorial politics and much more of a collaborative spirit ingrained. Makes coming to work easy and it makes you want to work with those around you even more.”

Competing for top tech talent in the Pacific Northwest is tough, but "we’ve made great inroads" says CEO John Burton. "Our culture is one people are beginning to talk about."

It’s definitely something Nintex employees talk about — and value. “Although I'm still relatively new by most standards,” explained one employee, “from Day 1 I could tell my opinions were already heavily valued. From the start, I was tasked with big projects and given full confidence and guidance to get them done. Everyone has the heart of a teacher and always makes the time to help me out whenever I need it. “

The company scored 9.4 for both fostering teamwork and encouraging independent thinking, and a 9.3 for encouraging risk-taking.

“The culture encourages everyone to own a piece of the business,” explained one employee, “but at the same time fosters a very intimate environment for collaboration.”

“Everyone is so smart, dedicated and friendly,” stated another. “The other day, I IM’d the new Chief Technology Officer and he was easygoing and happy to help with my questions. Everyone is like that. No one puts on airs or acts like they're better than anyone else because of job title. People are committed to working together to help the company grow and are really good at whatever it is they bring to the company. On top of that, people are so nice and fun to work with. I may never experience such an incredible workplace again in my career.”

This attitude towards teamwork also includes supporting employees in their own career growth, as employees praised the company for enabling employees to grow their career as far as they like.

“The sky is the limit from a career-growth perspective” stated one employee.

Another employee agreed and elaborated, “when employees decide to [change roles], management is behind them 100%. I've changed my role at the company 3 times in less than 2 years. There is opportunity there if you want it.”

High Integrity Leadership

Employees widely praised the integrity and transparency of Nintex’s leadership, who scored 9.4/10 on communicating with employees and caring about them.

“Leadership teams are accessible and truly care about employees, not just dollars,” wrote one employee. “They go out of their way to meet with employees, share strategy and performance and are open to thinking outside of the box. The level of empowerment at Nintex is exceptional and well beyond any other company I have worked for.”

Another employee notes that “the executive team at Nintex is exceptional and operates with high integrity. The company has an open communications model and everyone has a voice.”

“The leadership team is world class but also down to earth,” commented another employee. “Not a typical tech VC type company, Nintex is a REAL business managed by professionals while keeping a culture of high growth, performance, fun and innovation.”

Employees consistently praised the company’s open-door policy and the accessibility of senior management, which also scored a 9.4.

 “I'm relatively far down the reporting chain, yet I've met the folks who run the company, and they know who I am even though I'm but one in a company of hundreds of people” commented one employee. “I don't always feel that my contributions are valuable, but I feel that I, as a Nintex employee, am valuable. That's worthwhile in an age of employees treated as disposable resources instead of, well, people.”

Another employee wrote, “The open door policy with management allows people at all levels of the company to feel comfortable with talking to senior management.”

From Flapjack Fridays to Football Happy Hour

Finally, Nintex employees couldn’t say enough about how much fun they have at work, and how much they value the company’s perks and benefits. All benefits-related questions were rated by employees at between 9.4 and 9.6.

Nintex not only offers all the usual employee benefits like health care, but free food and drink, space for downtime, and regularly scheduled social events.

“Instead of a traditional lunch room,” explained one employee, “we have a chill out room where employees can take breaks, eat lunch, meet, and socialize with other employees after work. There are snacks, drinks, beer, board games, an Xbox, and even a shuffleboard table. “

“Nintex absolutely has the ultimate office!” exclaimed another. “We have several super fun events each week to foster good employee relations. I'm about to head off to the football happy hour right now.”

Social events also encourage departmental intermingling. “The support team customized an arcade machine and Sales often visits to play each other,” reported one employee. “Departments compete on the most steps using Fitbit.”

Another comment from a happy employee consisted solely of “Flapjack Friday!!!!!!”

The company also offers employees the opportunity to take a half-day off every quarter in order to volunteer, which was noted in appreciation by several employees.

These are just some of the reasons Nintex scored high (9.2) on balancing work with the personal needs of employees. As one employee noted, the company provides “balance between a great place to work in terms of benefits/comp and an inclusive cross functional team environment between departments.”

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