Venture Lab: Is Crowdsourcing Right for Your Start-up?

Thursday, January 10

Crowdfunding (and sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo) has become a new source of alternative funding for small and mid-sized B2C companies that previously had to rely on funding from distribution partners, angels, or venture capitalists. But times are changing, and with these changes come all sorts of questions: • Is this for you? • When is it appropriate? When is it not? • How much can you raise? • How do you make it work? What are the pitfalls? On January 10th, get all your crowdfunding questions answered as Jon Kimmich, noted crowdsourcing expert, successful serial entrepreneur, and Microsoft XBox 360 pioneer, moderates an experienced company founder panel featuring some of the most interesting local experts on the topic: • Bob Berry, Uber Entertainment (raised over $2 million) • Mitch Gitelman, Harebrained Schemes • Steve Harris, Think Automatic LLC This promises to be an exciting and timely event and we are expecting a sold-out event. Please register early! *** IMPORTANT NOTE – CHANGE IN EVENT STARTING TIME *** Due to room scheduling at One Union Square Boardroom, our event will exceptionally start one hour later than usual(networking will start at 6:30 pm instead of our usual 5:30 pm). MODERATOR: Most recently a Contributor to and Editor of the acclaimed book “The Crowdfunding Bible”, games industry expert Jon Kimmich has been an author, instructor, strategic advisor and consultant to companies, individuals and investors in the games industry for over 15 years. Jon started his career in digital entertainment as a Planner for Microsoft during pivotal parts of the Xbox conception and launch. Jon was instrumental in the acquisition of many well franchises for Microsoft Games Studios including company acquisitions such as Bungie Studios & FASA Interactive, and hit game acquisitions including Dungeon Siege by Gas Powered Games, Rise of Nations from Big Huge Games, and MechAssault by Day 1 Studios as well as many internally developed games such as Crimson Skies, MechWarrior 4, Brute Force and Halo. Now Jon works with development studios, publishers, educators and investors to incubate and drive strategic innovation in content and business models in the mobile and digital entertainment sectors. PANELISTS: Bob Berry is the CEO of Uber Entertainment, which has raised over $2 million on Kickstarter’s crowdsourced funding platform. Prior to Uber Entertainment, Bob was one of the lead designers for the multiplayer online game Demigod at Gas Powered Games after a 5-year stint as a vice president at Digitalo Studios. Bob won the Best Young Researcher award as a co-author at the 1998 Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia in Japan. Mitch Gitelman is the CEO of Harebrained Schemes Studios. Mitch started in the paper RPG business and then made his leap to video games around 1995 at FASA Interactive as a Producer/Designer. The first project he worked on, codenamed “Corsairs”, eventually became Crimson Skies. After working on MechCommander, he moved to Seattle when Microsoft acquired FASA Interactive. Mitch stayed at MS for a dozen years before co-founding Harebrained Schemes. Mitch also lectures at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. A programming geek from early childhood, Steve Harris started developing text-based games as a teen and re-bruilding go-carts. He went on to double-major in math and computer science, and received his MSCS from the Unviersity of Wisconsin. Soon after Microsoft's acquisition of Sybase, Steve was brought out to their Redmond headquarters to work in their SQL server group, and added home automation and computer vision to his deep database of expertise when he joined Microsoft Research. He has been working in this space for 14 years, and is the founder and CEO of Think Automatic, whose successful Kickstarter-funded Luminode received accolades in Engadget and The Internet of Things Works. Seating Type: * Regular registration price, $25.00 One Union Square Boardroom Seattle, WA