modern aircraft, naturally unstable

Thursday, September 2

this Airbus A330 new aircraft, which fell under strong impact in the cold waters of the doldrums. Certainly, modern aircraft, naturally unstable, did not drop the resounding, stresses you any young aircraft for sale by switching to the front, but still, this sinking fast, almost flat, some three minutes and half, should have allowed the crew to correct the slope by making hand to pick up speed, the lift and reach a known case of theft aircraft for sale Still had to have something to analyze the situation and decision, sufficient time to implement orders tailored to the flight controls, which does not appear to have been the case. The probes did not give anything frosted readable and failure alerts, in turn lit on the dashboard, came to doubt the little information remaining on standby instrument. Add to that the inertia of the machine, very bad weather, night flying, aircraft for sale. Note also that this position is no longer unusual addressed in flight by pilots qualifying (what was still Caravelle) and difficult to demonstrate the simulator. I do not know what these innocent victims, whether passengers or crew of the aircraft in distress, may have thought in their last moments of life, aircraft for sale but I hope this tragedy will make adjustments in a number of areas as procedural techniques, the convergent beam shortcomings led to the catastrophe. The progress of our cherished aviation cessna 337 for sale have always been paid sacrifices and tears. No doubt that once again be a major step taken towards greater security, when all lessons have been learned about this terrible accident cessna 400 for sale And if the helicopters were helping us out soon in the Libyan crisis According to informed sources our Tiger and Gazelle helicopters armed with the Alat, could soon enter the battle from the PCB (building projection and command) Thunder would have discreetly took off towards the coast of Libya. Particularly suitable for "treating" easily unmarked vehicles and armed cohort kadafienne to rocket shots bell 430 for sale cannons or missiles, they had already concluded in the Ivory Coast, in what had become a deadly street fight . No doubt that well-guided by special forces on the ground columbia 400 for sale confirming the objectives until the opening of fire, and with an air superiority gained long-standing, their precise shots could be decisive for the conflict. I even dream that one of them, more precisely, that one of our Tiger, has the opportunity to get a helicopter opponent like piper mirage for sale having underestimated the new threat and continue to lead the life difficult for insurgents. Since the departure of the A10, tank destroyers, and Hercules C130 Spectre American, and despite the intervention of armed drones, we must recognize that our range of this element was missing and feared formidable melee, that the late Colonel Félix Brunet, former fighter pilot, was invented during the war Algeria, giving it the pompous name of "Pirate" (it was at the time of H34) with the results quite remarkable that we know. As for our British allies, it seems that the helicopters are also solicited. cessna conquest for sale Perhaps the Prince Williams, as a helicopter pilot of his majesty, he will direct the royal suite of a hotel in the Seychelles piper pa 12 for sale where he has spent his honeymoon in the battle against Gaddafi. Incidentally, the English are beginning to realize how much they sell out too fast last aircraft carrier (sold cessna 337 for sale pending the construction of a new one) was not necessarily a good idea. piper navajo for sale

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