Traffic data provider Inrix may go public


The Wall Street Journal reports that Inrix is working with Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgain to raise $100 million through an IPO. Inrix declined to comment on the report. If Inrix goes ahead with the IPO, it would be a rare instance of a local company going public. In recent years, companies have tended o raise money privately or put themselves up for sale rather than go public. Zillow is one of the few exceptions. Kirkland-based Inrix, which has such large customers as Ford Motor and Audi, collects traffic data through arrangements with government organizations that have video cameras along roads as well as input from truck fleets and a large army of consumers who use its apps. Consequently, the company's traffic data includes information not only on highway traffic but also traffic conditions on side streets. The company has raised about $68 million in venture capital. Check out our story on the company earlier this year here.

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