NewBay's Timo Bauer on hiring


The forecast for hiring in the local tech sector has been good this month, with companies like Zynga moving into the area and local companies like Tableau and Impinj looking for new talent.

Now NewBay Software, a mobile software company based out of Dublin, Ireland, is planning aggressive hiring in Seattle, hoping to fill 100 positions in the next twelve months.

The company celebrated the opening of its new headquarters for the Americas in Seattle last Friday with an event attended by Governor Chris Gregoire. Timo Bauer, senior vice president and general manager for the Americas at NewBay, said the company chose Seattle to be close to its customers and to draw on the city's tech talent. He added that although other local companies will be competing for the same talent, NewBay has had good responses from people wanting to work for a smaller, growing company.

"Google is not a small company anymore, so people join us because they're sick of the politics of big operations."

Bauer, who started working at NewBay's American office in 2005, also noted that it's easier to find talent in Seattle than in Bellevue: "Even though it's only five to 10 miles, it's a big difference."

Since expanding to the United States in 2003 with only 15 employees globally, NewBay has grown to 250 employees, with 50 in the United States. Through its Seattle headquarters it plans to expand into markets in Latin America and build its presence in Korea. The company is hiring across the board for its Seattle office, filling positions in sales, marketing, finance, engineering, and professional services.