Worst Benefits Package


The BadFrontier Bank President John Dickson took a page out of BP
Chief Executive Tony Hayward’s book when he decided he “wanted his life back”
and ended up getting it back sooner than he expected.

He was fired when he took a long-planned (and previously
approved) family vacation to Hawaii at a time when the bank was struggling to
stay afloat (it did not). As Dickson saw the issue, it was a matter of
perception. Although the bank was in trouble, he said he believed he had the
right to take advantage of the vacation that came with the job.

The man who fired him, Chief Executive
Officer Pat Fahey, saw it as a matter of perception as well. As he put it, “If
you conjure up a picture of one of the top leaders of a bank basking by the
poolside while we’re under significant pressure, that’s not good.”

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