Lessons From Abroad in Sales


SegwayIf you were looking for a way to sell your product,
accidentally killing yourself with it would probably not be a good idea. It
would be one thing if this were a firearms company. But the Segway? How
dangerous could it be (former U.S. presidents notwithstanding)?

Dangerous enough for 62-year-old Jimi
Heselden, The StupidCEO of U.K.-based Hesco Bastion (owner of Segway Inc.), who took his
nerd scooter out for a test spin on his estate north of London, and test-drove
the thing off a 30-foot cliff and into a river. No telling if this will spell
the end of the Segway the way similar accidents did for the Dymaxion Car, the
Corvair, the Pinto and the Hummer. What? You haven’t heard? (One can hope).

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