Dept. of Fortunate Reversals


WhoopAssIt’s been one of those years for the local soft drink maker Jones Soda
that once prided itself on being on the cutting edge. First, Alaska Airlines
pushed what had been its official soda off its planes in favor of Coke in
March, then it was escorted off Qwest Field in June when the Seahawks spiked
the drink maker. In fact, things got so bad in the early part of the year that
Jones was considering a buyout offer for half the company’s value.

But then Jones inked distribution deals with Target and
Wal-Mart even though it has been known to produce such … um … “refined” flavors
as Tofurkey, Brussels sprout and jelly doughnut. Not exactly Middle America

Never one to say die, Jones decided to literally open a can
of whoopass on the competition when it reintroduced its energy drink, WhoopAss.

The company’s difficulties could have been
attributable to violating that old business adage, “Never let anyone see you
sweat.” The GoodThe venerable saying just doesn’t cover what happens when a company
sells a Seahawks-branded sweat-flavored beverage. Perhaps Wal-Mart shoppers
will disagree.

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