Dept. of Criminally Stupid


The StupidScott Alan Stuart, 50, of Blaine, and Wayne Charles Sewell,
32, of Ferndale, were arrested and charged with running a “Nigerian
inheritance” scam that collected more than $3.2 million.

Nigerian scams are old news, but this one stands out for two

• They forgot that the reason there are so many successful
Nigerian scammers is because they are in Nigeria, where police are, to be
charitable, underpaid and open to “alternative forms of remuneration.” Once the
feds identified Stuart and Sewell as their suspects, they could just pop up to
Whatcom County and pick them up.

• $3.2 million?! People! Unless your name is
Shell Oil, that isn’t the heir of Gen. Sani Abacha asking for “your
distinguished indulgence.”

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