Best Way to Stay Single


The StupidAh, Seattle. We love you. Really, we do. But you need to learn
a few things about human relations. You know, people? There are 1.5 million of
them in you, and they can barely meet each other’s eyes, much less say hi in a
crowded bar.

Enter the Wingman, an app for iPhone and Android launched in
Seattle that will notify you if you’re in the same vicinity (say, a crowded
bar) as someone of the desired sex who is interested in meeting someone of your

But who is the potential hookup? Wingman
won’t tell. Instead, it will allow the two of you to engage in face-saving,
anonymous chat on your mobile devices, even if you’re sitting next to each
other. It gives you plenty of wiggle room if you decide things are moving too fast and you don’t want to take things
further, for example, all the way to “Hi.”

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