Best Way to Compete with Apple


The GoodIf it’s true that one man’s meat is another man’s poison and one man’s floor is another man’s ceiling, then Apple’s decision to ban sexy apps from iPhones could prove to be good news for the Android.

Let’s face it. Geeks like sex, but sometimes the only way they can get it is on the internet. The trouble is, there’s always a lap, but there isn’t always a laptop around when you need one.

Once Apple handed down the pronouncement that it was banning apps featuring bikini-wearing or otherwise scantily clad women, the Seattle-based app reviewing/selling site AppstoreHQ said it would help developers of racy apps get the word out.

True to its AppstoreHQ’s word, the week that TechFlash covered the story, the list of the site’s hottest apps included Playboy and Sports Illustrated. Oddly enough, the other top hot apps were NASA Lunar Rover simulator, Flick Fishing and PMS Buddy, a service that warns clueless guys when the women in their lives are about to hit that time of the month.

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