Best Euphemism For “Take This Job and Shove It”


Air HostessesIt’s not a local story, but
JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater showed us how it’s done: When the plane
landed at New York’s JFK airport, he was hit in the head by someone’s bag (the
passenger was taking it down while the plane was still moving, a definite
no-no) and got into a brief argument with the passenger. When the plane arrived
at the gate, The GoodSlater grabbed the intercom, told off the passenger in a
profanity-laced tirade, grabbed a couple of beers from the commissary, pulled
the emergency exit escape chute, tossed out his carry-on luggage and slid into
history. One JetBlue co-worker of Slater’s who was on the plane called him a
working-class hero, telling a reporter, “It’s something we all fantasize

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