... and the Stupid

The Good, Bad, and Stupid: Looking Back at the Year in Business
John Levesque, Leslie Helm, Sarah Hardy, David Volk, Kristen Russell, Knute Berger, John Cook, and Todd Bishop


SPORTS > The Mariners Are Truly Sorry
Even in a baseball season that saw its pitchers throw two no-hitters, one of them a spectacularly perfect game by Felix Hernandez, the Seattle Mariners organization still manages to come across as the live-theater version of Dumb & Dumber. While the team on the field inched closer to respectability by notching eight more victories in 2012 than in 2011, it finished last in its division and watched wistfully as its fellow bottom feeder, the Oakland A’s, suddenly became a playoff team (with Bob Melvin, cashiered as Mariners manger in 2004, at the helm). Off the field, the Mariners’ opposition to Chris Hansen’s proposed basketball/hockey arena (see page 38) a block away from Safeco Field has painted management as the cranky “get off my lawn” type who won’t embrace change. The blowback from sports fans prompted team CEO Howard Lincoln to apologize in early October for inadequately explaining the team’s position. The apology tour continued later in the month after the Mariners raised prices on most of its season-ticket packages without giving fans a heads-up. The Mariners apologized to affected fans by email, saying, “We are sorry for the miscommunication. And we pledge to do better.” —J.L.

MEDIA > Fisco Responsibility?
Sometimes, these things just write themselves, as when The Seattle Times Company paid for full-page political ads in its own newspaper, ostensibly to show the power of print advertising. Seriously, Seattle Times? You run ads backing gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna and the gay marriage initiative and expect your readers to believe the newspaper remains independent from the stories it covers? It would seem that Alan Fisco, the Times’ executive vice president for revenue and new products (and the genius who reportedly came up with the idea), needs a reminder that good journalism requires unimpeachable credibility across the corporate spectrum. Perhaps the weirdest

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