One in a monthly series of miniprofiles featuring local executives “off the clock.”

When I heard that is now offering tours of its buildings in Seattle, I couldn’t wait to sign up.

We all wear clothes. Most of the time, anyway. Some of us are more into making fashion statements than others. And some spend way more than anyone should to gild their forms.

Two years ago, when Urban Renaissance Group acquired Seattle’s Touchstone Corporation in a billion-dollar deal, Touchstone’s founders began transitioning out of the firm and installed A-P Hurd as president and chief development officer.

Investors do not lack opportunities to deploy their capital, but being able to generate respectable returns is much more difficult. Part of the problem is finding unique investment opportunities with significant upside in a crowded market. The best option may be to put money to work in a privately-held company.

Seattle has recently taken major steps towards getting in front of the threat of a major earthquake.


MacDonald-Miller’s Chief Information Officer, Bradd Busick, explains how this new technology will be integrated into services.