In advance of its annual Tech Impact Awards event next month, Seattle Business magazine has named Ed Lazowska as its 2016 Tech Impact Champion.

Ten years ago, Josh Henderson left a sweet gig cooking for photographers on location in Los Angeles to start a food truck in Seattle called Skillet. It did quite well, expanding with help from equity partners into four brick-and-mortar diners and a catering company.

When Paine Field was built in 1936, nearly a decade before Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was completed, the 604-acre, fog-free unpopulated site 23 miles north of Seattle was envisioned as being one of 10 commercial “super airports” around the country.

Seattle has an enviable problem. More and more people are moving to the Puget Sound, so many that, by some estimates, the region’s population could increase by one million residents by 2040. At the same time, Seattle is constrained geographically by water and hills. Our topography is scenic and beautiful, but it also makes it difficult to build new housing.

Do mom and dad know best when their children are looking for jobs?

Our region’s success has come in part because we have struck a balance between protecting our natural environment and encouraging economic development. We must seek this balance in any policy that addresses climate change.

The Executive Excellence Awards program recognizes Washington state executives who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership in guiding their companies or nonprofits to success.

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